Children’s Church

We run an on-line program for all interested kids, of any age, every second Saturday morning throughout the year. The sessions last about 45 minutes. We open every session with a welcome and a prayer. We then have an instructive story time, followed by a related craft, and we conclude with a prayer that sums up the learning for the day.

Each ‘term’ of sessions spans a block of the church calendar, and usually lasts about three months. Everything necessary for all the crafts for the term for each family is packaged and delivered to the home in advance. We currently have between 10 and 15 children regularly attending, and can easily accommodate more. It is important, however, that we know in advance who will be joining us, so that we can put together a craft package for your family.

Interested families should contact the Parish Secretary, who will pass along the request to Janet Van Koot, who runs the program.

[November 16, 2022]

Prayer rocks to help us walk through Lent!