Outreach & Ministry

Ministry in a church like ours is very different from ministry in a city church. Surrounded as we are by fields, we must look further than our immediate vicinity to find need. Furthermore, being a small congregation, our financial resources are limited, but we are unusually rich in talented, skilled and energetic people. As a congregation, and as individuals and small groups, we support the closest Food Bank in a variety of ways, including the preparation of frozen meals. We have a team that works at St. John’s in the city, preparing and serving Saturday night meals three or four times a year. For the several couple of years we have prepared Christmas gift bags for the Saturday night clientele.

In recent years, prior to the pandemic restrictions, we offered our parish hall as a retreat centre. The quiet location is perfect for groups who need to be away from the city, or from their places of work, for a period of reflection and contemplation. We provide catering to make the day carefree – and we have a reputation for outstanding baking and homemade soups! Until the pandemic closed us all down, we had a small number of groups who came to us annually for retreats. We have even, on request, extended our catering services to local groups like the Ilderton Legion Remembrance Day dinner and even to a particularly special 50th anniversary. An unusual ministry perhaps, but one that has been much appreciated in the wider community.