Our Musical Legacy

One of the most significant features in the life of St. George’s has always been its music, and a long line of fine musicians have shared their skill in worship. Robert Robson, a son of one of the founding families, is especially remembered for leading the church choir to victory in a major competition, thereby winning the very first organ for St. George’s. Others of his family followed him as organists and choir leaders, and, for all these years the church has never been without Robson musicians!

Another gifted musician fondly remembered at the church was Montgomery Charlton. As well as performing, Montgomery made beautiful violins, one of which his daughter, the exceptionally talented Eleanor, played in the London symphony. Eleanor and her brother Elgin carried on the tradition of music, in the church and also as popular performers in the community. Sunday morning worship was accompanied every week for many years by a small orchestra, (anchored by two Charltons and a Robson!) and the musicians also played individually for special services. Old-timers still fondly remember hearing Eleanor Charlton play O Holy Night on Christmas Eve, and The Holy City on Easter morning.

The tradition of outstanding musicians has continued. In recent years the amazing Angus Sinclair was our organist and choir master, and under his leadership the tiny but mighty church choir flourished to new levels of skill and accomplishment. His work was carried on more than ably by Alexander Cann, Scott Tucker, Carol McFadden, and our present Music Director, Sarah Bowker. Hopefully the current restrictions will soon be over and the choir can again enrich our worship with its repertoire of sacred music, old and new.